The Association

OUT.RA, founded on the 15th of January 2009, following in sequence of a previous programming project previously carried out by the label Searching Records, is a Cultural Association which celebrates and organizes events of music that seeks to transcend genres or stylistic frontiers, whether they are concerts, movie screenings or workshops.

We are a rigorously non-partisan, non-profit association, completely devoted to the promotion of a cultural alternative which seeks to be bold and enriching.

We operate from our main office in Barreiro, a mythical and mystified land of unmatched identity, to which OUT.RA strives to contribute, whether it be through the programming in itself or the sites it seeks to open to the city via programmed events, with a special emphasis on the collectives that reside in the that seek to preserve Barreiro’s memory and the spaces of heritage value (historical, architectural) that are unknown to the general public.

OUT.RA is also the producer behind OUT.FEST – International Festival of Exploratory Music in Barreiro, started in 2004 and celebrated its 12th edition in 2015.